Friday, April 08, 2005

Not all of us are sentimental, and grieving the loss......or--M J by any other name still smells the same....

Pat Robertson vs. the Pope

Didja know?------"On the other hand, the verdict on the pederasty that is endemic to the Roman priesthood, is in. The Church paid out more than $1 billion in claims to victims of sex abuse by clergy in the 1990s alone. And the American branch offers a very disturbing treatment method to offenders. One startling example should suffice:

Fr. Jay Mullin was accused of molesting a boy more than 20 years ago in Boston. Then Cardinal Bernard Law commanded Mullin to be evaluated at St. Luke's Institute. The Institute is a Washington clinic that was profiled in a Boston Globe article of February 24, 2002............"

----the blogperson's thoughts---yes, the tie in may seem obscure, but, the reality is that millions of people adore the pope, and showed the world so this past week. The problem I have with that, and pj2's possible sainthood, is, that---he glossed over, for how many years, the pain and suffering of ???? how many children, male and female, who endured sexual abuse by RC clergy, all over this world??? How many parents were paid off for their children's suffering, so that the reputation of the church would not suffer? And this man deserves the respect of the world at large?? Hardly.

How many adult survivior's of sexual abuse as children, are cringing right now at the prospect of the pope's sainthood? How twisted a message does that send to the survivor's of sexual abuse? People with money trying to buy off the injury that is inflicted on children...the Vatican and Neverland--a rose by any other name smells as sickeningly and disgustingly sweet, as it has throughout the ages......


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