Saturday, April 30, 2005


From Army Times, via
Buzzflash: "The Pentagon on April 28 released more than 700 photographs of America's war dead returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
But many of the images, released under the pressure of a yearlong Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, are as striking for what they don't show as what they do.
In most photographs the faces of the troops accompanying the fallen and carrying the flag-draped coffins are blacked out....the rest of the story

If the faces of the living soldiers were blacked out, as the Pentagon suggests, because of security measures, well...I still don't get it.

Black out the surrounding area for security purposes, then. Although I'm sure that airports are a known entity to the insurgents, anyway. The black rectangles on the living soldiers faces is just bizarre. And scary--the people who authorized this action are in control of this horrendous war.

I agree with this point made in the article----"Meredith Fuchs, general counsel for the National Security Archive, a Washington research institute that helped press the lawsuit which forced the photographs release, said she could not understand why the faces of so many troops were concealed.

"Frankly, I've always understood that soldiers consider it a great honor to participate in an honor guard ceremony, or to accompany a fallen soldier home," she said.
Fuchs said the Pentagon was not even consistent in the alterations. In some cases, the institute received identical photos with faces blacked out in one and visible in another.

You could view the highlighted sentence in two ways-- ONE--the persons responsible for "security measures" are either very lax, or stupid, or both--after witnessing the Inaugural security, I bet for both--or, TWO---there are People in the military who do not agree with the blacking out of the faces of men who are carrying their fellow soldier to his final home. They want their faces shown.

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