Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saturday Spotlight on: the PDA

PDA Activists Spur Historic Call to Exit Iraq
This past weekend, at the California State Democratic Party Convention in Los Angeles, the largest gathering of state-party Democrats in the nation, activists with Progressive Democrats of America led by PDA Executive Director Tim Carpenter successfully lobbied 2,000 delegates to pass a resolution calling for the termination of the occupation of Iraq. The resolution included specific language demanding the withdrawal of American troops from that country. "The California Democratic Party," reads the resolution in part, "calls for the termination of the occupation…of American troops in Iraq."
This victory is a powerful statement not only to the national Democratic Party but to the Republican administration and the majority in Congress.
PDA, with your help, intends to take the work from this weekend and duplicate it in legislature after legislature, until our combined voices carry our soldiers out of Iraq and home to their families
Call for an end to the U.S. Occupation of Iraq!Urge your member of Congress to support legislation for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, by clicking below

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