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WHISTLEBLOWER MAGAZINE New Age 'death movement' behind Schiavo saga exposed'Life and death in America' explores growth of 'right-to-die,' euthanasia

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"Life and Death in America" ' a stunning special investigative report that will start with the Terri Schiavo story, but will go on to expose as never before America's rapidly expanding euthanasia/"right-to-die" movement – will be the focus of an upcoming issue of WND's acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine"

Oh, I wish the above was an April Fool's story. But it is not.

The righteous religious right folks at Worldnet Daily, which I try never to visit, have, at least in their beliefs, if not in actuality, joined with the Catholic Church in the Church's new campaign against killing. Or, in other speak, against euthanasia and abortion. And of course, let's not forget the Catholic Church's compassionate stance on the use of birth control and condoms, since that oft times results in their followers death.

I have composed a hymn, in honor of this newest collaboration. And, just a side note on the impending death of this pope, who, just a few short months ago, took about $160, 000 of his own money, and started a charity to stop the spread of AIDS in Africa. The charity would help you on one condition. Not that you join the Catholic church before you receive medicine, and assistance, no. The condition was, that you not use condoms..... Am I being cruel and facetious while an old, ill man dies? No, I am not. But the importance being placed, once again, on one person's death, while so many other deaths occur in complete silence and agony, many caused BY the precepts of religion, upsets me.
Not to mention the current glorification of this man, whose biased and prejudiced religion, a religion he was the head of, has caused deaths and degradation, and contributed to human misery throughout the centuries, well, I find the adherence to it, and the glorification of it's popes, bizarre.

Yeah to the lord my male god, if I become ill, then let me die in small degrading measures instead of allowing me to choose one final moment of peace on this earth.

Yeah to the lord my male god, let my cervix collapse in against itself from the 12 children I have given birth to in my 36 years, and let me die, leaving them all motherless. I worship you lord, and your human intermediary the pope, and so would not permit my husband to use a condom.

Yeah to the lord my male god, let me die in small increments of diarrhea that sap my body of all strength, and make even those who love me dearly recoil from having to cleanse my AIDS ravaged body. After all, god, I listened to you and the pope, and did not use a condom.

Yeah to the lord my male god, let me die in small bit upon small bit, after each moment that my feeding tube is pulled from my braindead body, for nigh on twenty years, so that those who loved me can make martyrs of themselves of and me, for all of those years. Yeah, the lord does love his children, who can not make adult decisions granting compassion and dignity without unecessary inhuman suffering.

Yeah to the lord my male god, let me bear my brain dead, limbless fetus to it's full term birth and certain eventual death. Let my young husband, myself, and my 2 year old child bear the economic and emotional suffering of bringing this child to term, for I am but a follower of you and your intermediaries, and I would not condemn myself to hell by having an abortion.

Yeah to the lord my male god, for although I loved this man with all of my heart and soul for twenty nine years, and he, me, I know that my love was wrong in your eyes, and in the eyes of your intermediaries and followers, and so I will have NO CHOICE in how his precious soul is put to rest, for all eternity, for I, and he, were sinners, and now his family scorns me, and his and my wishes will be spit upon by the righteous among us.

Yeah to the lord my male god, although one of your followers raped my twelve year old body, impregnated me, and then left me in this ditch, I surely know that you do love me, and that as proof of your love and infinite knowledge, if found, I should be stoned to death, after my baby is born, for transgressing.

Yeah to the lord, my male god, may my old nun's body willfully accept your salvation now at the moment of my death. I have bound my healthy breasts, shorn my hair, and denied myself all manner of comfort, so that I could follow you and your earthly intermediaries' wishes and bring medicine, education and some small comfort to the people of third world countries. And while I bonded and loved the people, I know that when one of your earthly representatives raped my sister of the cloth, the beautiful young African nun, over and over, and when the light bringer eventually impregnated her, then forced her to have an abortion at a local hospital where she died, well, I know that when your follower, that grand priest, officiated at her funeral, where her parents cried inconsolably at the death of their beautiful daughter, I know that I was too small and insignificant a human to understand the grand plan that you had for her, for me, and for her parents. Please have mercy on my soul.

Goddess, please have mercy on the pope's soul. He will need it. May the prayers of the people he and his minions have blinded for all of these centuries, rest with you, and grant him the mercy that he and the numerous churches of god would not show to others.
thank you.


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