Tuesday, May 10, 2005

doublespeaking death

So, in response to the over 300 deaths and untold injured in Iraq by suicide bombers over the past few weeks, it is reported that our US forces have "killed 100 insurgents in a border town known to harbor insurgents."

Fallujah was known to be a city that harboured insurgents.

It was also a city the size of Miami that harboured little children, toddlers, schoolkids, grandparents, shopkeepers, sick people, hospitals, grocery stores.....and to "expel" the insurgents, it was bombed into oblivion, and then razed. Reports of Naplam use have been made....

100 insurgents died? Only insurgents? No collateral damage this time? The mission went as planned?
The killing of innocents in the name of eye for an eye murder enacted to protect oil interests is truly disgusting. How could anyone say we have no choice but to stay there? No matter how hard it is too swallow for all of the death mongers on both sides, peace negotiations have to be initiated.
Peace. The negotiations have to begin. WHO will start them?


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