Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Exxon's profits were up 44% this first quarter, and Halliburton showed a net profit of 365 million...

130 people have died in Iraq the last few days--most because of bombs and IEDs. A horrible way to die, and horrible injuries to suffer from.....
but the good news is, the CORPORATIONS are making their own killings!
For the good news on Halliburton's and Dick Cheney's money overloads,
click here

For a bit on Shell's excellent profits, click
"SHELL yesterday reported an "excellent" first quarter with a strong financial performance across its businesses.
The oil giant, which reported the biggest annual profits in UK corporate history in February, said its income had risen by 42% to $6.7bn (£3.5bn) in the period.
Production for the quarter was at the higher end of expectations and exploration drilling results had been encouraging."

Here's some info on Exxon's good news

And go to
legitgov for more good news in the oil industry, and for some info on the hushed up number of attacks on Coalition Forces in the past what, nine months? Seems there were, oh, over 15,000 attacks since July 04. The war is going well, though, Bush and the corporation media tell us--yes, for THEM, the WAR is going very well, very well, indeed...

more to come on this...


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