Friday, May 20, 2005

Graduated a year ago, and still not working? Hmm, wouldn't a military recruiter like to talk to them and give them some direction in life?

Graduated a year ago, and still not working?
that's OK, I encourage young people to take a Gap year and find themselves by exploring other countries and cultures. How about Iraq? NO, ok, then, how about Afghanistan? Do you know how many young foreign women are working there now, trying to assist the always worst off victims of war, the women and children of a war ravaged country?
No, then, how about Vietnam? Do you know how many young people are trying to bring to light the problem of buried land mines leftover from the Vietnam War that are still going off in farmer's fields and on roadways? Better think fast, girls, cause actually, your Gap year is almost over.
And, did you know, girls, that for over 1600 mostly young Americans, their chance at a Gap year will never be? Just wondering.

mmm, btw, you might want to consider this, although, of course, the yarn about $10,000 if you join wouldn't appeal to you, your daddy has lots of money..
and, just in case you do decide to talk to the recruiters, you might want to read this first


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