Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I knew that humor was Celtic...

Thom H over at Societas had this posted via Media Girl.
I like Thom H's detailed analysis of events and blog postings, and so thought that the above green link would be a connect to yet another insightful post.

Well, it wasn't, and yet, it so very, very, much was.

Today I worked late, picked up Chinese, and had a pile of Department of Peace items to complete, and also wanted to compile a letter to newspapers, Halliburton, et al, in order to attempt to get the young blind woman in this post some financial relief, if at all possible. Checked the email and the blog before settling down to work, and saw Thom H.'s comment. Read Societas, saw the Media Girl link, and clicked. Up on the screen comes a trio of guys obviously in Iraq or Afghanistan, singing and goofing around at their base camp. They were mucking it up in a video that they had submitted for a competition on the web.

It was so cute. I forgot for a bit about the news I had heard earlier; over 100 people injured, 11 killed in the newest bombing in Baghdad. I forgot for a moment aout the 25 year old woman who was shot in the head and is now penniless and blind, thanks to Halliburton and insurgents, and the taxes that I pay that support this awful war.

I put a forkful of shrimp mei fun in my mouth and suddenly spit it out. I spit it out because I began to cry. I don't have spontaneous emotions, at least I didn't think that I did. But that goofy, happy, stupid,video captured everything that was wrong with this war.
I hope they all make it home safe.

I had to look up and see who/what the "Royal Dragoon Guards " were. From their site:
----If you fancy a challenging and rewarding job, join the Royal Dragoon Guards. Our historical recruiting areas are Yorkshire, Cumbria and Northern Ireland. ----


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