Friday, May 06, 2005

I repeat--Iraq did not have WMD's --Iraq did not attack the World Trade Center..

HELP THEM, PLEASE--Iraq did not attack the World Trade Center--Saudi Arabia Did--The GWB'S friends-- they did ---It is a long strange road for American's to walk, this road from 911 to the present. So many innocents have been brutally killed or maimed while we pondered the right and the wrong---I can tell you--this war was and is WRONG---explore for yourself---this WAR is WRONG---stop the killing done on your TAX DOLLARS--HELP THEM---I have studied it, and the closer you get to the reasons for this war, the more horrible our gov becomes---AMERICA wasn't founded on GOD-the male god-- it was founded on Freedom and PEACE--HElp these innocent people on both sides--do what you can to stop the WAR___they are dying on YOUR dollar....
Our Policy is to make Iraq a Colony


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