Friday, May 27, 2005

A letter to the Vice President

Been busy the past few days, but wrote and mailed the letter below to our VP today.
Do you know how much our VP, and up until 2000, the CEO of Halliburton, is reaping from that company and it's subsidiaries?
Do you know just how many ex Halliburton employees and "contractors", both
from Iraq and from the states, are suffering from war related injuries, and are w/o any disability or other type of insurance compensation from the company that our government just awarded a 72 million dollar bonus too?

Did you know that "Many Halliburton contractors leave Iraq with debilitating injuries and deep psychological scars. Then they return home only to find that the insurance they need to rebuild their lives is out of reach. "

Did you know that Halliburton recruits truckdrivers and other employees from small towns throughout the US? "

"Thousands of these employees are poor Americans from small towns who are lured by the promise of making up to $100,000 a year, tax-free. The company hires them through a Cayman Island-based subsidiary named Service Employees International, then flies them to Houston and Kuwait for training. Eventually, many -- like Tony Johnson -- end up working alongside the military in camps throughout Iraq."

Did you know Halliburton does business with-----one of the Axixs of Evil?

DId you know that "Cheney's deferred compensation and stock option benefits are in addition to a $20 million retirement package paid to him by Halliburton after only five years of employment; a $1.4 million cash bonus paid to him by Halliburton in 2001; and additional millions of dollars in compensation paid to him while he was employed by the company. In 2002, Cheney's total assets were valued at between $19.1 million and $86.4 million."

It's Memorial Day this weekend--how many people have died? How much profit has been made by Dick Cheney on this war?

I suppose it is useless to be outraged that Halliburton paid Ahlam Abt Al-Hassan, $475 for three months of work? And now that she is injured, won't return her phone calls? The outrage spilleth over in all aspects of this War for Money. Turning the outrage into action helps a bit.

Feel free to take THE Letter and mail it off to our VP, also. Here is his email address Send it to your local paper, send it to the President, Dick's buddy. And visit CorporationWatch for yet more info on Halliburton

The letter

Vice President Dick Cheney
Eisenhower Executive Office Bldg.

Washington DC, US 20501

Dear Mr. Cheney,
As the former CEO of Halliburton, Inc., and as the current recipient of $433,000 of unexercised Halliburton stock options worth more than $10 million dollars, as well as the more than $7 billion that you have earned under its 2001 logistics contract with the U.S. military, I am requesting your intervention in the case of a young Iraqi woman who was shot twice in her head while on her way to work for Halliburton in Iraq.

At this writing, the young woman, Ahlam Abt Al-Hassan, is without the funds to support herself, or to fund her necessary medical care. As she sits, blind, and afraid, her former employers, the employees of your former company, Halliburton, will not return her phone calls.

How did this young woman, a college graduate with so much promise, wind up in this awful state? Surely the shots fired were not fired by Halliburton, however, because of the comprised safety of Iraqi citizens working for American companies in Iraq, then surely Halliburton holds responsibility both for not ensuring their employees safety, and for not assisting their Iraqi employees who were injured in the Iraq War.

I am requesting immediate intervention on Halliburton's part to assist this young woman. She requires at the least, medical care and funds for same, as well as appropriate housing. Please advise ASAP on how you will intervene with Halliburton, your former company, on this woman's behalf.

I am sure that out of the 9 billion plus dollars that Halliburton has received in contracts from our government since the start of the Iraq War, and the 72 million bonus recently awarded your former company, which you still financially benefit from, that some of those funds could surely be used to improve the heartrending plights of the employee's, both Iraqi and American, that Halliburton left without the proper and necessary protection.

For more information on this young woman, please see this link.
I anxiously await your response.



and, yet more info on Halliburton......

Halliburton and Burma

Halliburton and Nigeria

hmmmm "WASHINGTON - A Pentagon e-mail said Vice President Dick Cheney coordinated a huge Halliburton government contract for Iraq, despite Cheney's denial of interest in the company he ran until 2000. "

"All wars are wars among thieves who are too cowardly to fight and who therefore induce the young manhood to do the fighting for them." --Emma Goldman, 1917


Blogger PaxRomano said...

I am truly curious to see if there is any response to this letter ... I am going to send one tonight .

7:11 PM  
Blogger Medbh said...

mmmmm, so am I curious, and hopeful that the shit does something for this woman.

10:54 PM  

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