Sunday, May 08, 2005

Moms, moms, moms

Why post on issues when it is Mother's Day?
Because mother's read, and lead, our job is never done, and what we want for Mother's Day is peace and equality for everyone... Moms everywhere, would like you to help these mothers, on this day devoted to peace, and which was originated by mother's who had lost their sons sin the Civil War

Imagine 11 years without seeing your mother

Three Afghan Women Killed As Warning to Stop Working for Aid Groups-while
84% of the International Funds spent in Afghanistan have gone to fighting the Taliban.....

Women in Tails some progress is made

The Filibuster is not safe yet----protect what rights you have left

Businesswoman Held Incommunicado in Iraq, Amnesty International Concerned for Her Safety ------do you know that the US just recently released 85 men it had held in an Afghan prison for over three years? No charges were pressed against the men, no reason given for the detainment.

It's not much better in Turkey--Protect Eren Keskin and Other Human Rights Defenders in Turkey

Support Access to Birth Control
Buy Peace products HERE......HERE.......and HERE


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