Monday, May 30, 2005

Suffer The Children, and the young people

The AWOL Coke HEAD C student Leader Speaks.....

President Discusses War on Terror at Naval Academy Commencement Navy Marine Corps Memorial StadiumAnnapolis, Maryland

-----When I spoke to the Class of 2001, none of us imagined that a few months later we would suffer a devastating surprise attack on our homeland, you know what, stop referring to our country, America, as the Homeland. That is a distinct Nazi reference. Stop it
or that our nation would be plunged by your golden corporate plunger into a global war unlike any we had known before.

Today, we face brutal and determined enemies -- men who celebrate murder, incite suicide, and thirst for absolute power. oh, stop always talking about yourself
These enemies will not be stopped by negotiations, or concessions, or appeals to reason. oh, really, you tried those options? In this war, there is only one option -- and that is victory. (Applause.)
Today, I'm going to talk about our strategy for victory in this war, what we've accomplished to make our nation more secure, we created a vicious insurgency

your crucial role in this struggle, and why we need you to fight the war on terror cause no-one else will join up now and transform our military at the same time.
In the 21st century, America will be prepared to answer any challenge, and defeat any adversary. hello, Iraq???

Our nation is pursuing a clear strategy for the war on terror: We're using every available tool to disrupt terrorists and their organizations. ie;Fallujah, mass destruction of all living entities in the targeted area...
We are taking the fight to the enemy abroad so we do not have to face them here at home. uhoh, would that be Syria or Iran? (Applause.)
We're denying the terrorists sanctuary, in Fallujah? and making clear that America will not tolerate outlaw regimes that provide safe haven and support to terrorists. uhoh, Syria is mentioned again

We're using all elements of national power to deny terrorists the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons they seek. Still looking for those WMD's ?
We will not allow mass murderers to gain access to the tools of mass destruction. someone pl. give him a mirror And we're stopping terrorists from achieving their ideological victories they seek, by working to spread the hope of freedom and reform across the broader Middle East. toilets, plungers, lots of symbolism here
We understand that free nations do not support terrorists or invade their neighbors. ??????
We understand to make the world more peaceful and our country more secure, we will advance the cause of liberty. SYRIA, IRAN, in JUNE (Applause.)

Thanks to the men and women of the United States military, our strategy is working -- we are winning the war on terror. Since September 11, 2001, we've removed brutal regimes in Kabul and Baghdad that supported and harbored terrorists. We helped launch Afghanistan and Iraq on the path to lasting freedom by liberating over 50 million people. We have liberated over 100,000 Iraqis from thier life, and have 40,00 dead or wounded Americans, and have liberated thousands Iraqis more from thier homes and limbs (Applause.)

Both these nations have now chosen their leaders in free Repuglican sponsored and monitored elections, and their courage is inspiring democratic reformers across the broader Middle East to rise up and claim their liberty.

To stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction, we broke up the world's most dangerous nuclear trading network. WMD"S again? GWB, this isn't the My Pet Goat class, these kids are a bit older, they can actually read the newspaper...We convinced Libya's leader to give up his country's chemical and nuclear weapons programs, as well as his long-range ballistic missiles. Two years ago, we launched the Proliferation Security Initiative, an effort supported by 60 nations to stop shipments of weapons of mass destruction on land, at sea, and in the air. We have gone after al Qaeda have you found them???? and other terrorists with relentless determination, disrupting their communications, planning, training, and financing. We have put the enemy on the run, and now they spend their days avoiding capture, because they know America's Armed Services are on their trail. spin it baby, spin it (Applause.)

And we will stay on their trail. The best way to protect our citizens is to stay on the offensive. yup, just kill eveybody, the world is our football field
In the last few weeks, we've dealt the enemy a series of powerful blows. In Afghanistan, we brought to justice scores of terrorists and insurgents. and we have lots of prisoner photos to prove what we did...
In Pakistan, one of Osama Bin Laden's senior terrorist leaders, a man named al-Libbi, was brought to justice. In Iraq, we captured two senior operatives of the terrorist Zarqawi. and we lost how many soldiers while accomplishing that??

And in recent days, our forces have killed or captured hundreds of terrorists and insurgents in Baghdad and Western Iraq and near the Syrian border. nevermind a*hole, just stick with the my Pet Goat class. It was 125 killed, that's all, not hundreds, and we lost almost half that many during Operation Matador.
Across the world, our military is standing directly between the American people and the worst dangers in the world, and there's only a podium between them and you now and Americans are grateful to have such brave defenders. (Applause.)
Difficult and dangerous work remains............

I can't take reading the rest of that spin that was fed to the graduates. GWB and I must not speak the same language, cause, I heard a different meaning for every sentence in his speech....


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