Thursday, May 05, 2005

What have I become?

I rode a Peace Train to NYC this past Sunday, May 1st. An anti-war and anti-nuke rally was being held in Central Park. Daniel Ellsberg was there, the mayor of Hiroshima was there, and groups from all over the world participated in the rally.

Who was missing?
The United States of America, that is.

The country that attacked Iraq and has brought to life the most vicious insurgency in our time. Just since my Peace Train Ride a few days ago, well over one hundred people have died in bombings in that area, and hundreds more have been horribly injured. And there isn't an end in sight.

Does America care?

They didn't care on Sunday. I decided to walk to the rally from Penn Station, left my group and then got a bit lost and wandered several blocks uptown of the rally site. I got to see a lot of the park, though, during my wrong way hike up from and then back down to, the rally site.

I noticed many, many, people just putzing around Central Park, relaxing and enjoying themselves. In the park, not at the rally.

Norwegians, French, Japanese, Swedish, Germans and yet more nationalities were present at the rally site, though.
Just not the Americans.

Even though, as Dr. Helen Caldicott said that day, there are currently 40 nuclear weapons pointed at NYC, alone. And about 60 aimed at DC. ........

............While 100 nukes are aimed at two US cities, and yet more at every other major US city, Bush applies his logic to the nuclear disarmament agreement--------
----The only four countries in the world that do not belong to the NTP are North Korea, India, Israel and Pakistan. All other nations, aside from the five "nuclear states," must comply with inspection and reporting standards set forth by the NPT.

Despite the disarmament agreement, Wolfsthal pointed out President Bush has announced his intention to pursue and create new nuclear weapons, a gesture that sends a confusing message to the rest of the world, he said. "It's like a parent with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth telling his child not to smoke," Wolfsthal said. "This is creating huge diplomatic problems around the world. Other countries are just confused about the NPT treaty."He likened the creation of new nuclear weapons to "living in a country where murder is illegal but there's no police force or prison system." --------

The night before the NYC rally, at a DC press dinner, lame Laura lamely joked that her husband can't pronounce the word nuclear.....

BUSHFLASH and CODEPINK have released the vid below. Unlike Laura, they don't find the topic of nuclear warheads and war, a joking matter, nor can they pretend, that war and the destruction caused by it, doesn't exist.

This video was composed from images of one month of living in Iraq, last month... 3/05-4/05..
What have I become? My sweetest friend
Everyone I know Goes away in the end

You could have it all. My empire of dirt

I will let you down I will make you hurt


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