Saturday, June 04, 2005

All We Are Saying.....Is Give Peace A Chance

Do you remember what your life was like Pre the Iraq War? Pre absorbing the news of bombing after bombing? Pre demonstrating, and then planning the next demonstration? Pre signing petition after petition? Yes, you were always an activist, trying to help where you could. But now it has become a necessary second job. The current admin renders blow after blow. And each blow has to be countered, deflected, thrown off course. Before it can do yet more damage.

It feels like some mongrel mad dog has been unleashed on the world. What manifested from those flames of 911? What monster grew strength from such a horrendous tragedy? A monster that was dormant, waiting.

It is hard to comprehend the mindset that would feed off of loss, of blood, of murder.
It is difficult to absorb the voices of the rulers snidely and arrogantly verbally spitting at those who dedicate their lives to "good." Amnesty, the Geneva Convention, the Red Cross, Human Rights, Civil Rights. The mongrel dog just rips their flesh and then saunters down the block.

In the history of our testosterone ruled world, has a thought ever been given to working from a principle of peace? Individuals have worked for peace. Organizations outside of governments have worked for peace. But has a government incorporated peace as an organizing principle of the society that it governs? Is peace placed in as powerful a position as Defense is?

Do we have the finest academies in the nation devoted to training PEACE mediators, as opposed to warriors of every type? Are there premium scholarships to Peace universities, as well as to military universities?

Do we spend the same billions of dollars establishing methods of conflict resolution and alternatives to violence, as we do building massive defense missiles, warships, tanks and bombs?

Why do we currently hold WAR as an organizing principle of our society? Has it ever worked? Has it ever worked without massive loss of life, and devastation to our environment? HAS IT EVER WORKED FOR MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS at a time, before the next war is begun???

There has to be another way. A better way. Peace has to be incorporated fully, and at the highest level of our government. The United States could be an example of establishing the most brilliant and amazing conflict resolution methods, instead of the most brilliant and deadly flash and awe methods, of settling disputes.

The highly trained and brilliant Peace Academy graduates would know ever stratedgy there is, to keeping PEACE, instead of knowing every battlefield strategy on how to overcome and kill their opponents.

There is currently a bill, Bill HR1673, that will be presented to the 109th Congress in September 2005. It is a bill that would establish a Federal Level Department of Peace. The U.S. would be the first nation in the world to have a Department of Peace. We would lead the way in peace, not war. How many other nations would follow suit?
You can make a difference now. A difference that would establish a new type of future.
Sign the Petition to establish a Department of Peace. Start a new world order. Live in SJ? Visit our site to find out more about the DOP.

and, then go here, to send a letter to your Congressional rep, to support the Downing St. memo, because the dog is still loose.


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