Saturday, June 11, 2005

"Baby Bombers like me are getting ready to retire"

what a Bushism...
from the Rude Pundit, by way of Blondsense

------Why Neil Cavuto Ought To Be Buried Alive Under a Stack of Wall Street Journals:

Here's how you know you're a worthless fuck as a "news" anchor, an American, and a human being: you work for a "news" network that has been flogging the Michael Jackson trial endlessly, with quite literally hundreds of stories, updates, interviews, and commentaries on whether or not he's the king of poppin' cherries. Hell, today on your network's website is a report on Jackson's goddamn unregistered and/or broken down cars.

Throughout it all - war in Iraq, genocide in the Sudan, constant leaks on the lies of the government - your "news" network has made sure to conflate the Jackson trial's worth with every other truly heartbreaking, stomach-churning, important event in the world.And when you are given the opportunity to sit down with the President of the United States for an on-the-record interview, you never ask him about the war, the genocide, or the leaked lies.

Instead, you actually say this: "But in the meantime, the news channels then hear what you're saying, and then later on, we have this Michael Jackson update. I mean, his trial and his ongoing saga has gripped the nation for the past four-and-a-half, five months as you've been on this campaign [to gut Social Security like a flopping carp]...Do you think that the focus on Michael Jackson has hurt you?"-----click the Rude link for the rest!----------------------

In the above post, the Rude Pundit blogs specifically about a faux news interview, which is a reflection of the ongoing media misrepresentation of news, reporting of mainly sensationalized news, and the reporting of.. just plain old crap. War, genocide? heck no, MJ's the ticket to tvnewsland fame and fortune.
Looks like Cavuto really put a spin on this interview with the pres of the damaged brain cell synapses. I didn't watch the interview. I have tried to watch faux news and other bush backing tv shows, but the arrogance, the yelling, the absolutely boorish behavior of the middle aged harpies of the self noted baby bomber...well, they aren't worth the time or the energy.

I do wonder if Cavuto managed to ask at least one relevant question related to the Social Security privatization debacle? Probably not. The question on my mind is just how damaging privatization will be to the women and children who depend on it? In my job, I interact with many disabled adults and their elderly parent(s), usually a widow in her 70's or 80's. Mother and child live of off that social security money. I don't need to watch faux news to answer my question, though. The National Women' Law Center has already done so.

I think bush needs to add widow and disabled bomber to his title.


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