Friday, June 03, 2005

Does he Hate Everything BUT the Dollar???

The Bush administration is proposing to allow commercial trade in endangered species for the first time in over 30 years. This radical proposal would dramatically weaken the protections for over 550 foreign species - including jaguars, elephants, and orangutans - now covered by the Endangered Species Act.

Please act to oppose the importation of endangered species today!

The Bush administration's proposal supports the idea of killing species in order to save them, and endorses the importation of endangered animals and body parts to benefit their conservation. But this proposal includes no standards to verify that any of the money spent on importing endangered animals or body parts actually goes to conservation, and is so vague that it practically invites fraud and illegal trade.

The illegal international trade in wildlife and wildlife products is worth billions of dollars annually. And legal trade in wildlife body parts invariably leads to increased illegal trade and poaching, creating a market for previously illegal wildlife. This proposal could lead to a resumption of the ivory trade in Africa; the capture of Asian elephants for U.S. circuses and zoos; and the importation of endangered wild parrots for the U.S. pet industry.

Please stand up for endangered species today! Tell President Bush and Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton that you oppose their proposal to allow importation of endangered species.

Thank you for helping to protect the Endangered Species Act!

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