Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Discrepancies in the number of Iraq War deaths reported by the US Government, and what other sources say are anywhere from 7-9000 dead, and 30,000 injured seem to arise from a lot of different areas.
One reason may be the question of whether the US government only reports the WAR DEAD who are actually US citizens.

The problem with that type of underreporting is there are almost 40,000 non citizens who are part of the US military,
who are in the front lines of the army.

We've all read the story of the Military recruiters who have harassed high school seniors, and who promise all manner of "bonuses" to anyone who will sign up.

Seems like
the promise of a green card and a fast track to US citizenship has been used almost 40,000 times.

Posthumous citizenship on Fast Track, Include Family Benefits

"The Pentagon says that there are 37,401 non-US citizens on active duty, and that joining up has a special incentive for them - an American passport.
"The military services have processes and programmes in place to help service members expedite their citizenship," says a US Department of Defence spokesperson.
"The estimated time for the application is about six months."
Citizenship has been especially hard to come by due to the draconian immigration rules imposed by the US Department of Homeland Security since the 11 September 2001 attacks.
It can take several years to gain citizenship, for those lucky enough to get it. Signing up to the army can speed this up, provided the GI comes home alive." the rest HERE

And, Suburban Guerilla has this info on the death number discrepancy....

Would the US government LIE about something so tragic and heartrending as the deaths of it's soldiers?
..............were are the WMD's?......................


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