Saturday, June 18, 2005

GOOD!! Senator Barack Obama says NO to Bush appointee

Senator Seeks Details on Nominee's '87 Speech

Published: June 18, 2005
WASHINGTON, June 17 - Senator Barack Obama says he may try to block the confirmation of a high-level nominee to the State Department out of concerns over racially insensitive comments attributed to her in the past.

Mr. Obama, Democrat of Illinois and the only African-American member of the Senate, said he was pressing to gain access to a background report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other records regarding the nominee, Henrietta Holsman Fore, the director of the United States Mint, who is President Bush's candidate to be under secretary of state for management. The position is the State Department's top human resources job. .......


The Bush Admin at work...pick someone with a history of racist comments to head the top human resources job, pick a violent, confrontational man who has spoken out against the UN to be it's Ambassador........does Bush not understand the relationship between those individuals he keeps choosing, and the positions that he is choosing them for? Is this a product of his self described C-student brain? Or is he purposely trying to create problems and distress in those departments? Does he not realize that the problems that will occur due to his appointees will be a reflection on him, and that he will then have to deal with those problems? Oh, right, I forgot, he doesn't manage problems, they don't exist, and if they try to get in, he'll just "lock the Gates"....................................


Blogger Karl said...

It's about time more reps start to say NO to King George. Keep it going guys/gals..........Don't let King George think he can do anything he wants.

12:35 PM  

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