Friday, June 03, 2005

John Conyers has 86,000 sig so far!! Have you signed yet?

--------human rights petitions are up at someone just by signing your name. -------
The Downing St. memo has yet to be covered in the mainstream press. NO_ONE in the MSM is blasting away at the fact that the memo indicates that GWB and company planned the Iraq War way before it began!!! There were no WMD's and the Bush admin KNEW it. CLinton lied about consensual sex....... and he was ready to be impeached. Do you remember what they put him through?
John Conyers and 88 other legislators are demanding an inquiry!!!!!
Please sign his petition.
How many thousands of people have died in the Iraq War??? How many have been horribly injured? How many are so psychologically damaged that they will never have a normal life again?
YOU do, I do--Our taxes bought and support this war. 9.2 billion up till Feb 2005, for NJ residents


Anonymous ThomH said...

Please remember also that they spent $70 million of our taxpayer money to put Clinton thru that. & that he and Hillary were cleared of ALL wrongdoing concerning Whitewater--the nominal cause for the investigation.

Just crazy.

I don't endorse Clinton's behavior: she was an employee/ intern. But it in no way justifies what happened.

Whereas Bush's misadventures are ruining our nation, but the MSM stays silent.

gawd we have some serious problems/hangups about sex in this nation. and some dangerously wrong priorities.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Medbh said...

I agree. And, as a way to bring the media back to it's senses, I am going to write to the major newspapers and tell them that I will no longer purchase their newspaper,but will instead obtain my news from the internet, and that I will also encourage others to do the same. Maybe a potential hit to the purse will make a difference.

11:00 PM  

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