Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A message from AFTER DOWNING ST.

The U.S. corporate media has rolled over, yawned, stretched, cleared its throat, and rubbed its eyes. All that's needed now, after all the noise we've been making, is an ice cold bucket of water in the face.
Here's How to Deliver It:

Go to the AfterDowningStreet.org site, and find the Take Action box on the right.

After writing to your Congress Member, click also on
Contact Local Media Outlets,"

Contact TV Networks,"and on

Awaken the Mainstream Media"


Read all the latest news at http://www.afterdowningstreet.org

Including: Remember When Bush's Lies Weren't "Old News"?http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/?q=node/407

Videos of Last Week's Hearing:
In case you missed it, watch it here:

If we are going to pass a Resolution of Inquiry through Congress, we will need your financial help as well.
Please Donate to AfterDowningStreet.org


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