Tuesday, June 07, 2005

No Truer Words...

from, Today in Iraq..2003

Yankee's Rant of the Day – July 29, 2003
We have lost this war.
It doesn’t matter that the administration redefines success, or finds new factors to blame for their own failures.
We have lost.
We lost diplomatically before the first shot was fired. Where America once had friends and allies, we are now alone and isolated.
We no longer lead the Free World; the Free World treats us as a pariah and we lead a motley assembly of hopeful opportunists and mercenaries. The opportunists will be disappointed and the mercenaries will disappoint us.We lost militarily. We overpowered a conventional army that wouldn’t fight but we created an insurgent army that will fight us where none existed before.
We gave the world’s sympathy to people who want to kill us and destroy our nation.People once said Americans lost their innocence in Vietnam.

In Iraq we have lost our honor.
We justified an aggressive war on conquest based on falsehoods as flimsy as the Nazis justified the conquest of Poland on a fictional incident at Sender Gleiwitz.
While the American media believed those lies, the rest of the world did not.

It might be worth remembering that in 1939, only the Germans believed Goebbels.We have disgraced our profession of arms. We have a shoot-on-sight policy for our enemies. We kill bystanders, pay blood money and call it “cultural awareness.” We kidnap families as hostages, call them “detainees,” and believe that information extracted under such circumstances is “intelligence.” We have lowered the standards for actionable intelligence to the point where we feel justified to use lethal force in two simultaneous raids, hundreds of miles apart, to kill the same man.

We have lost but we don’t know it yet.
In 2005, we know it now. And how many lives have been lost, and maimed since July 2003? Sign the various petitions demanding answers to the Downing St. memo.


Blogger True Blue Liberal said...

Of course we've lost. We lost in March 2003 when we invaded.

When my son loses his temper and yells and hits, I try to explain to him that the first person who loses his or her cool and becomes violent is the loser. It's just so sad that the men in charge of us are more vindictive, more violent, and less mature than we would want our kids to be. What kind of lessons are they teaching? (I hope our kids are getting the same lesson that we got from Vietnam when we were kids, that was is always wrong, and the people leading us are evil and stupid).

8:31 AM  
Blogger Medbh said...

I hope so too, TBL. But what affected my mind the most, were the pictures that came out of Vietnam. The nightly news was full of stories and pics of Vietnam. Our children's nightly news is full of MJ, et al. karl Rove nows how to spin a War, but I think that finally the ship is turning around.

10:45 PM  

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