Tuesday, June 14, 2005


George had better ask Condi to quit spinning that web, and Dick and co. to quit eating the dead flies......

The push by bloggers to demand an inquiry into the Downing St. Memo has suddenly reaped the release of many more pre war memos. I guess as long as some independent folks are willing to clang the bell loud and long, then THOSE WHO HAVE HELD ONTO THIS FREAKIN INFORMATION FOR YEARS, well, now that they have a back, they can release the info. Here goes. It looks like the "intelligence' was cooked for so long pre the war, that it has been given a new life.

First, play the vid..
and..Creative Conditioning... when you get to this page, after reading that the GWB spoke about a push to war in 1999, make sure to check out the Key Documents links on the left. There is lots of interesting reading about other pre-war memos, as well as the actual memos....

Another Congressman joins the list of supporters, and he is murmering that word "impeachment."

Ask C-Span to Cover the Downing St. Memo!!!

Check out the MASS Demonstration this Thursday in Washington!!

and if you haven't seen it yet....check out Raw Story's TIMELINE on the PATH to WAR.


How many unfortunate souls have died in the GWB's path to glory??
How many babies have been and will be born who suffer the side effcets of Depleted Uranium? How many all told will suffer from the known and unknown effects of exposure to DU?.....

What does a Hidden Genuis have to say??

and.. Former CIA Director calls for a pull-out..

and, for the ? that we don't want to ask...

what really happened during 911?

and--if you are an American, UK or Australian Blogger, and your tax dollars are supporting this war, and if you have yet to join or support the Downing St. memo group----WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Does it matter if you regularily comment on political affairs? NO. Because of the money that is taken OUT of your paycheck, and then put toward this WAR, and NOT toward other meaningful programs..well you and I are complicit in the unwarranted death of all those killed.

And the next horrendous crap to be revealed about this admin will be the true cause of 911.


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