Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Others said it so much better than I could

I was going to post about the Rapturists Poster Boy's bloody remark last night. Personally, I think it is one of his worst, and a statement that he may be remembered in times forward for, ie: "I am not a crook," but, others have responded in a much more eloquent manner than I, so here goes.
United For Peace and Justice said:
"Worth it"?!!
Could President Bush be any more shameless or disgusting? The man who shirked his own National Guard duty has the nerve to tell those who have lost loved ones in this pointless, immoral war that it is "worth it"?
The man who lied to lead us into war has the nerve to repeat those lies, falsely linking this illegal imperial adventure to the horrible tragedy of 9/11?
We have to stop him. We have to end this war. We have to create such a groundswell of public outrage that it becomes politically impossible for Bush to "stay the course" in Iraq. And to do that, we need your financial support -- today.

Ted Kennedy sent an email with his response the speech, and, he has a campaign going to demand an exit stratedgy--Click HERE to sign it!--he also asked for Rumf*'s resignation last week.

Aljezeera reported on what the US papers had to say:

"Sadly, Mr Bush wasted his opportunity last night, giving a speech that only answered questions no one was asking," said the New York Times on Wednesday, referring to Bush's mantra that a stable and democratic Iraq would be worth US sacrifices.
"We did not expect Mr Bush would apologize for the misinformation that helped lead us into this war, or for the catastrophic mistakes his team made in running the military operation.
"But we had hoped he would resist the temptation to raise the bloody flag of 9/11 over and over again to justify a war in a country that had nothing whatsoever to do with the terrorist attacks," said the daily.

A Texas blogger posted about the "bloody mess."

Americablog has several posts on the speech worth reading, including the fact that before a captive audience....the soldiers....ABC reported that White House advance team FAKED the applause ..go figure.

Societas has a detailed, informative post about troop levels....

Today in Iraq has a very informative post about the training of the Iraq Forces.......

Bushflash pulls it all together

and..Blondsense has a post that captures the reasons why the lying, elitist, draftdodging, rapture boy could actually utter those words..
The daughters should serve
by Jimmy Breslin June 29, 2005
If George W. Bush wants young people to get into this war so much, why doesn't he send his two daughters over to Iraq and fight for their country? Read today what Bush has to say about fighting in Iraq.

Read it on a day when we still have three women killed in Iraq, one from the Bronx. The Bush daughters are 23, and at the Republican National Convention in New York last summer, they were a whirlwind at night. They looked as fit to fight for their country as any high school dropout......


Blogger True Blue Liberal said...

Speaking of the Bush girls serving, here are the signs that my son and I were carrying in NYC on 2/15/03 (I can't take credit for the slogans though; these signs were printed by Working Assets). "Draft the Bush Twins" would be just as appropriate at United for Peace and Justice's next mass march on 9/24/05.

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Blogger Medbh said...

Great photo!!

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