Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Peter Ricketts, Blair political advisor, in a memo to Jack Straw, 3/22/02

"For Iraq, "regime change" does not stack up. It sounds like a grudge between Bush and Saddam. Much better, as you have suggested, to make the objective ending the threat to the international community from Iraqi WMD [...]."


David Manning, Blair foreign policy advisor
Letter to the Prime Minister on dinner with Condoleezza Rice March 14, 2002

"I said that you would not budge in your support for regime change but you had to manage a press, a Parliament and a public opinion [...]"
"Condi [Rice]'s enthusiasm for regime change is undimmed."
"Bush has yet to find the answers to the big questions: [...] what happens on the morning after?"

Raw Story outlines the burgeoning group of Downing St. memos well. You should check them out.

I am amazed at their content. I am also amazed at the fact that the media has not jumped on them. Although the Philadelphia Inquirer had two articles on the DSM this past Sunday. One was located on page six. Not bad, page six of a major Sunday paper. It was a long article that reprinted parts of the memo. The second article was actually a commentary. It was titled, "Why the Downing Street memo hasn't rocked Bush's world."

At first the commentary appears to take a "so what?" attitude to the DSM. A bit further into the piece, though, you can see that the author views the memos as "interesting" but proceeds to attribute the only people who consider them important as "the anti-war" protestors. A bit farther into the piece and you can discern the real reason behind the author's view. He is upset with the MSM bashing. He then attempts to chide the people who are bringing these memos to the publics attention by stating, "For example, by summer 2002 it was no secret to any attentive American citizen that their leaders were spoiling for war with Iraq. The Inquirer electronic database shows 60 plus articles discussing the race to war."

I didn't view the previous sixty articles mentioned. I don't know what there actual content was. However, those sixty articles, while in some repsects I am sure the author feels take the onus off of the MSM --read Inquirer--for it's lack of reporting on the war since 2002, well, those sixty articles, did any of them contain the actual memos that said that the intelligence around it was FIXED? That we and the UK were basically RIGGING this war? I doubt it.

And trying to dis the people who are bringing these new facts to light, NOW, doesn't help the situation. The author, Chris Satullo, also "The plain fact is that an amazing percentage of Americans just don't care about the facts of the Iraq war."

Well, perhaps if they were told the truth about it initially, and barring that, NOW, are told the truth, they might.
They might also have cared more about the war if had not been sanitized by the MSM that the author attempts to protect.
And, if the anti war groups that the author sneers at were given as much press and coverage as the PRO war Pro blind patriotism groups were, in 2002, then maybe someone would have listened.
The author lays the blame mainly at the feet of the American public. And yes, some of it has to lay there. BUT the bulk of it should be plopped, Hummers, RPG's insurgents and all, at the foot of the Bush and company neocons. They, after all plotted to start the war, plotted to continue it, and turn a blind eye to the atrocities it perpetuates. They also are the ones who PROFIT from it.

And sorry, Chris, but I stopped reading the major newpapers and turned to the net for actual news quite awhile ago. Why? Because I was so very tired of seeing article after article, way more than sixty of them, that yes, spoke of the Iraq War, the Iraq War in all of it's pro Bush GLORY. Yeah WAR!! Yeah Warrior! Great Patriots! Waive the Flag! Get yourself a magnet! A good sized chunk of that blame has to fall squarely on the MSM's toes. And from the touchy tone of your article, I think some of it already has.

and in the meantime...
Impeachment is in the Air
Rep. John Conyers to Hold June 16 Hearing on the Downing Street Memo
Join the tens of thousands on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon


Blogger Zelda Parker said...

Is America asleep? We knew this was bad from the start (Iraqi invasion) and in the end the only ones we really hurt is ourselves.

6:25 PM  
Blogger PaxRomano said...

You see America cares more about Michael Jackson than they do about this ... this is the biggest thing since Watergate, and what is the Main Stream Media saying about it?????

6:43 PM  
Blogger Medbh said...

I watched the C-Span hearings, they were forced to use a basment to hold them in at the last minute...the hearings were powerful, and it is one of the first times I have been able to watch our reps on tv, w/o wincing. The next step is indictment, I hope. Let's keep signing thos petitions!

6:57 AM  

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