Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tell the gov that you want BeNow to be Over!!!

Scrap the Pentagon's New Database

Last month, the Pentagon announced that since 2002 it has secretly been compiling a database containing the personal information of tens of millions of Americans as young as 16 years of age. The database includes information such as Social Security numbers, height, weight, ethnicity, grade-point averages, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
The custody and maintenance of this database has been contracted out to a private firm named BeNow. BeNow has no privacy policy posted to its website, nor a privacy or security officer listed on its management team.
The Defense Department now proposes a wide range of "routine uses" for this database, including disclosure of records contained in the database for functions wholly unrelated to recruitment. Although individuals can opt-out of recruitment solicitations, there is no way to opt-out of this enormous database as a whole.
Compilation of this database is not only a spooky invasion of our families' privacy, it's also a violation of the law. The Federal Privacy Act requires that government agencies accept public comment before new records systems are created -- a requirement that was blatantly ignored in this case.
The DOD should scrap this mega-database of young Americans, and rely upon traditional mass-media advertising to reach potential recruits.

Call to action--CLICK HERE to
Tell your representative to investigate this violation of the Privacy Act and force the Pentagon to scrap this intrusive and illegal database.


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