Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What a Christian!!!!!

That texas governor is trying to be the next bush!

Texas governor suggests gay veterans should leave stateGay groups demand Perry apologizeBy STEVE KOVAL Jun 8, 10:55 AM
Texas Gov. Rick Perry suggested that gay veterans unhappy with the proposed anti-gay constitutional amendment should move elsewhere.
"I'm going to say Texas has made a decision on marriage and if there's a state with more lenient views than Texas, then maybe that's where they should live," the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Perry said Sunday.
Perry's comments were in response to a question during a news conference about what he would tell gay war veterans returning from Iraq......

The above statement was made on the heels of his signing a resolution to amend the Texas Constitution by banning same-sex marriages, at a Christian School in Fort Worth Texas last Sunday.

And probably the next bit of news that comes out of Texas will be that Gov Perry was found soliciting young men on the net. Or strangling his mistress. Or that his first luv was a mule.


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