Thursday, July 28, 2005

Don't just Blog, Take Action!!!

petitions up at medbhletters--help someone, and help our environment!!

and read this expose on mercury poisoning from Rolling Stone mag., also--this touches a raw nerve with lots of people I work with--guys--flood them with samples, and send this to everyone you know!and, I have to run to work now, and can't delve into it BUT--the Patriot ACT had protections against the drug companies who manufactured the vaccines that had a component that was linked to causing autism--the patriot Act.........
Dear Medbh,

Rolling Stone recently published an investigation about mercury in vaccines that made my jaw drop. And, as you signed our petition to stop mercury pollution, I thought you'd like to help out today:

The claim: the US Government covered up findings that mercury-laced vaccines cause autism and even continued to vaccinate children once the risk had been suggested. I was so mad, I wanted to just ignore the whole thing, but then I acknowledged that I needed to try turn one of the most damaging health care scandals of our time into an opportunity to make positive change.

For several weeks now, Care2 has been helping Greenpeace perform the largest ever study of mercury contamination, and now, with renewed urgency, I am asking you to take part. The results of this study won't be hidden or covered up; they will become public knowledge so that our lawmakers will be forced to address the issue of mercury contamination.

But we need 10,000 people to participate so that we get a good, unbiased sample that can't be discredited by companies who don't want government regulation to cut into their profit margins for the sake of public health. Please don't wait for the government to tell us it made another mistake (or hide one). Join me in protecting our future from mercury damage today.
Get a kit today: -
Hilary S. Care2, and


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