Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Downing Street Memos in the Stars and Stripes, and.. 52 House members file under the FOIA for DSM related documents!

From the Stars and Stripes
WASHINGTON — Several parents of soldiers killed in Iraq visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday to ask for congressional hearings on the Downing Street memo, which one mother called President Bush’s “Watergate.”..........................................

“I envy the parents who support this war, because if I did I’d sleep better,” said Dianne Davis Santorello, a Pennsylvania resident whose son was killed in August 2004. “But I don’t sleep well. My son died for a lie.”
She said the Downing Street memo would “bring down the house of cards” if lawmakers choose to investigate it, and compared it to the Watergate scandal which eventually forced President Richard Nixon from office.
Rep. James McGovern, D-Mass., said if true the allegations in the memo are “shameful” and told the parents, “Those who are responsible should be held accountable.”

“This clearly wasn’t a war of necessity; it was a war of choice,” he said
52 members of the House have filed under the Freedom of Information Act for documents related to the Downing Street minutes!!! Keep it going! Tell your congressman that you want him to join this group!


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