Friday, July 29, 2005

Everything you wish you didn't know about Judge Dread Roberts

Empire Burlesque reveals some of the fuglyness:
--------"Background Check------Want to know more about Judge Dread Roberts, corporate bagman, champion of mountain-top removal mining, recreational guzzler of Pepto-Bismol? Cockburn and St. Clair are on the case. And no molly-coddler of criminals, he: Roberts Upheld Arrest of 12-Year Old for Eating French Fries on the Subway.
Meanwhile, the wife of the affable bagman turns out to be a big-time Right-wing player: a top member of the anti-choice group "Feminists for Life" (yes, another of those inverted Orwellian titles that Bushists love so well) and a high-roller in the Iraq war pork stakes, as intrepid investigator Margie Burns reports.

Strip mining, mountain killing, womb controlling, child arresting, war profiteering: why, the dread pirate Roberts is a veritable poster boy for the Bushist Way! All this, and an eager beaver protege of race-baiting, vote-suppressing William Rehnquist, foisted on the Court as a sick joke by Richard Nixon!

Get this man to the High Bench pronto!
Update: Max Blumenthal informs us that Roberts was also the attorney for Fox Television when it successfully thwarted government regulations against media saturation by a single conglomerate. A bagman for Rupert Murdoch too! Can this guy be any more perfect? What next? Is he Jesse Helms' secret love child?"
Meanwhile, fight back against the prior Fox tv lawyer, HERE---Does anyone want a Faux tv defender on the Supreme Court?

And see what Barbara Boxer has to say about him,

And yet more on Judge Roberts, HERE, including this bit "Former U.S. Deputy Solicitor General for Kenneth Starr, 1989-1993."


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