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First, let me preface this post....

I would never never had given this story credence a few years ago. But, as someone who likes to dig down to source, I had to adjust to a reality shock in 2003. 2003 is when I started to first wrap my brain around the idea that my government, our government, would actually kill us in order to make a killing.
SCARY thought, indeed.

From a personal and professional viewpoint, medbh should not have taken that long to think that evil could manifest itself in that way. Has she not, in her 20 + years of social work, viewed hell on this earth? ie;

It is 1990 something, and one of her fellow case workers is pleading with medbh to come with her to a house in the rural area of SJ. " I can't stand going there, oh please, medbh, you don't have to come in, just sit in the car outside, I just want to know that someone else is there, somewhere close by."
It's not like medbh doesn't have her own caseload, so she asks why this confident, self assured young social worker needs someone to go with her on a home visit.
" My client was born without arms or legs. Her IQ is in the single digits. Last year, her stepfather got her pregnant. Her mother refused to press charges. The baby was given away by the mother. The father still lives in the house, and medbh, I just can't go there without someone else around. What kind of sick f**k would do something like that? And what kind of parent lets her husband rape her retarded, limbless daughter and keeps him home with her, and sleeps with him?"

the evil again. the evil showed itself that day. medbh went with her bud to the home. She waited in the car. Spitting in the eye of a rapist is just not allowed in the NJ social work system. Yes, we did all that we could to safeguard the young woman. Yes, other steps were taken. Bet that I found out what we could do to get rid of the evil in that home. But it wasn't easy.
Although it was yet one more slide into the eye of the dregs of the evils in our world. The same evil that could beat a defense less prisoner to death, that could lynch a person because of the color of their skin, that could pray to a christian god while steering a slave ship.
That could in 2005, in the continent of Africa....condemn condoms as a useless way to avoid Aids. That could, in 2001, destroy thousands of innocent lives, for personal and financial gain.
Hence this report. Look evil in the eye. Research more, go ahead. The more that you do, the closer to the iris you get.
via the blondes
Bin Laden Brothers Tip-Off Two NASA Research Scientists In 1987 About U.S. Government Plans To Cause 9/11
Now Third Person Comes Forward To Verify Scientists'

Incredible StoryFrom
Besides the tip-off about 9/11, one of the researchers involved in a government-funded advanced brain development program says she uncovered a secret study called "Global Cleanse 2000" outlining U.S. Government strategies for intitiating global war and population reduction.
July 27, 2005
By Greg Szymanski
"Rene Welch cut 'a deal with the devil,' a deal she recently broke when she went public about her two 1987 encounters with Saudi royals, including two of the bin Laden brothers who claimed the U.S. government was actively involved in pre-arranging 9/11.

"Welch'’s incredible story, first made public in May, has already been verified by one other former NASA scientist. But this week another person present at the meeting also came forward to verify Welch's story.
"The meetings with the Saudis took place in Sedona and Pleasant Valley, Arizona, and lasted more than eight hours each time, the bin Ladens revealing in 1987 detailed plans how the U.S. government was planning to attack the World Trade Center, kicking off a global catastrophe, including a massive war in the Middle East.

"Besides being verified by Ronald Logsdon, 49, of Philadelphia, a scientist who worked in a NASA program with Welch and also present at the bin Laden meetings, this week long time Sedona resident, Naomi Niles, also verified the Sedona meeting took place.

"Yes, I was there at one of the meetings back in 1987," said Niles this week from her Sedona home, adding the details of the story should be left for Logsdon and Welch to describe since she was not a part of the NASA program.

"And Welch not only learned about the U.S. government's pre-planning of 9/11 from the bin Ladens back in 1987, but this week from her Albuquerque home Welch added more, saying when working for NASA as a scientist on brain development research in Phoenix, she obtained a secret computer code and was able to uncover the findings of a government-funded project titled  Global Cleanse 2000, a study outlining strategies for global war and population reduction.

"After learning of the government's evil intentions almost 20 years ago and being a government target ever since, Welch talked about 'the deal she made with the devil,' adding she always had a tacit understanding with FBI and CIA operatives, that if she'd 'shut up and lay low,' they'd leave her alone.

"But two months ago Welch broke the deal, deciding to tell America what she learned about the U.S. government's pre-planning of 9/11, saying although the story's a hard pill to swallow and 'may sound unbelievable,' she felt the need to risk public humiliation, government harassment and warn Americans anyway.

"Just like before, they'll be after me again now that I went public", said Welch who has been drugged and beaten on several occasions by government operatives.
The rest of the story, HERE

So, let's do a google search and see what we come up with on Global Cleanse.
I've seen evil.
Money does very,very strange things to people.
I've seen egos.
Egos who think that their essence has a higher worth than others.
Egos and evil.
A very horrendous combination.
I've seen it up close and personal.
If you haven't, then you will find lots of reasons to blow this story off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over on another blog you asked, "...what WAS jeff gannons' purpose????"
Strange business that. Americablog has a lot of background (scroll left on main page). But why? So obvious. Smokescreen by Rove & Co? Maybe.
My theory (and I admit it's a nickel/dime supposition): Gannon's boss? TalonNews. Head of TalonNews? Bobby Eberle. Who's buddy-buddy with Bobby? The owner of the Wash. Times/UPI--Sun Myung Moon. Bobby's written a lot of op-eds for the Times. You might ask, "Ain't Moon and Bush buddy-buddy"? That's what they want people to believe, and what boygeorge in his stupidity does believe. Moon has his own agenda and it only includes Republican (and Democratic) politicians to the point where he can use them to his own ends. Back to my theory: Gannon might have been Moon's boy, sent to embarrass the fuck out of the Republicans. He's done it before on occasion. Check this story from the UPI: "Ex-marine says public version of Saddam capture fiction" ( Besides, Moon is still pissed about doing prison time for tax evasion. The boys in Congress, whom he was bribing and extorting, thought they'd teach him a little lesson and saw to it that he was tried and convicted. And that little "crowning ceremony" in the Dirksen Building a while back was kind of a "welcome back, let's let bygones be bygones" affair. Only Moon didn't forget and won't forget.

11:57 PM  
Blogger Medbh said...

The crowning ceremony at the Dirksen bldg. was bizarre. Jeff Gannon in the WH as press was bizarre. The SMM connection to the Bush administration is..bizarre. SMM is bizarre.
thank you for reminding me about the Dirksen bldg. incident. Connecting the bizarre dots together is very frightening, and worth much more exploration. In the end, everything that seems to defy a logical explanation comes down to a money or a sex connection, or both. I'll check out the link, and try to dig up more info.

10:18 PM  

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