Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How Did This Country get So bad?

I was sitting around and pondering matters various and sundry. And I'm seriously wondering what has happened to our country
How did this country get so bad now? How did this country get so bad? How did this country get so bad now I 1 2 no!
The President and all his men are such a bunch of liars. You couldn't get the truth from them if you had a pair of pliers (Chorus)

They start a war against Iraq 'cause of mass destructive weapons. When they didn't find a single thing they said "Oh well, shit happens" (Chorus)

When George Bush got religion a heavenly message he was sent. To give a trillion dollars back to the upper one percent. Some 40 million people here ain't got no health insurer. But the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer (Chorus)

We tell the world we're going to give them true democracy. But the only thing that they perceive is our hypocrisy. George Bush he went to Russia, told them they should be more democratic. But Putin said to Bush shut up, 'cause we know what's in your attic (Chorus)

His re-election strategy was crafty, mean and three-fold. Suppress the vote, screw minorities, and machines all run by Diebold. The exit polls on election night said that Kerry was the winner. But Americans don't give a damn, they're too busy eating dinner (Chorus)

The corporations own the radio, newspapers and TV station. They tell you what they want you to know, they control the information. If you want to believe the media has all the best intention. Then ask them to report the truth about the things they never mention (Chorus)

All the other countries of the world went and signed the Kyoto treaty. America's the only one that decided to be greedy. They don't want a woman's right to choose or gay people to marry. Or for you to know they're stealing all the cash that they can carry (Chorus)

The born agains think the world soon ends in a flaming Armageddon They might as well dig a great big hole and stick their stupid head in If you don't believe in karma and you don't believe in love Then the only thing left to believe in is push and shove (Chorus)

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