Thursday, July 21, 2005


Will It Be the Napalm from the Western side, or the suicide bombs from the Eastern side? Either way, there are now 30,000 homeless and frightened Fallujan's dwelling in camps outside of the city, in extreme poverty, waiting-----waiting to go home....Waiting for the Americans to leave, waiting for the insurgents to leave....
An Italian Aide group reports on the desperate people caught in the middle of this horrendous war for the war profiteers....

crisispictures "Iraqis search for their relatives among scores of bodies lying outside a morgue of a local hospital in the southern city of Hilla, 18 July 2005. The dead are victims of a suicide bomber that killed at least 60 people and wounded 85 in a massive fireball 17 July when he blew himself up next to a liquefied gas tanker outside a Shiite mosque south of Baghdad. (QASSEM ZEIN/AFP/Getty Images)"


Anonymous Thom H said...

Well, we only trashed 2/3s of it the first time out; there's still a 1/3 left.

Michael Kerr wrote a great book about being in Vietnam, "Dispatches". Let me quote you a bit:
Some people just wanted to blow it all to hell, animal vegetable and mineral. They wanted a Vietnam they could fit in their car ashtrays; the joke went, “What you do is, you load all the Friendlies onto ships and take them out into the South China Sea. Then you bomb the country flat. Then you sink the ships.” (page 62)

Now we get to good part, so to speak:
A lot of people knew the country could never be won, only destroyed, and they locked into that with breathtaking concentration, no quarter, laying down the seeds of the disease, roundeye fever, until it reached plaque proportions, taking one from every family, a family from every hamlet, and hamlet from every province, until a million had died from it and millions more were left uncentered and lost in their flight from it.

Starting to look like roundeye fever to me.

7:09 PM  
Blogger Medbh said...

roundeye fever......we need a vaccine for it...

10:01 PM  

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