Tuesday, July 12, 2005

medbh apologizes, but is still happy, cause rove might go runder!!

medbh apologizes for being a bit lax in the posts lately. Social work sometimes does not, can not, and will not, wait, and when I get home late, I sit down and then promptly fall asleep. Then wake up at 6am to a blaring alarm clock and to a screeching, psychotic cockateil that can not stand the blaring alarm clock. Recently, though, medbh has discovered a ruby in the rough, red bull. Take a swig and ZING, I am awake. Is that stuff legal meth? The black beauties of my youth just packaged differently?? Wow. So, I worked very late today, till 9, but was swigging that red heifer stuff the whole time, so tonight I am "awake", and can post.
What news article am I happiest about today? YEAH! Rove might go runder! Saw part of the scotty mc C performance on Cspan--" I will not answer that ?, we will not answer that ? you can keep asking that ?, but we will not answer it."
Go scott mc C, but you know what, if you don't answer it soooon, your admin will have yet more answer problems, and soon, there will be so many answers demanded, that all of the gates being pushed on will come crashing down..
sooo fellow bloggers--keep putting those unanswered ?'s out into the atmosphere. Bush looks like an idiot right now. His response to the London bombings was SO cowboy self centered, so minus compassion for the victims and so focused on his own private terror war, that he has dumped himself to an even lower notch lower in the world's eye. And his backers are noticing.
Some posts to check out... this one, and this one, and this one, and this one from the Congressman, and this lusty one.

yeah baby---keep posting this info---your chance for a new world, an integrated world, and a world that embodies, legally, rights for all, depends on it!


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