Thursday, July 07, 2005


Come out in Force, and show your opposition to this made for profit war!!! Join United for Peace and Justice, ANSWER, and other groups in DC on 9/24, 25, and 26, and show the Bush administration that you want this war to END!!

Show up and show your support for the people in Washington who are trying to expose the false origins of this war to the American public. Bring back our humanity. Stop the deaths.

Scroll below and read the latest info and efforts on exposing the true reasons for the War against Iraq, and for profit. But first, see how some Texans just keep getting bloody rich--this time about 9 billion dollars richer, on your tax dollar.... think this blind Iraqi woman and other injured ex employees will partake of any of the windfall??
Next Steps Taken on Downing Street; Letter to Speaker on Another GOP Abuse of Power; Bush Hits Another Low

Fixing the Facts and Intelligence Around the Policy -

check Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo post, which begins to link the Plame leak and the associated phony Niger uranium documents, here:

Also worth noting: Raw Story's report on
bombing in Iraq under Clinton exceeding that under Bush:

all DSM hits thanks to Shakespeare's Sister


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