Saturday, July 16, 2005

Not enough caskets in Iraq...

While casket prices increased due to the ever increasing demand, it is impossible to find caskets for the bodies of the poor and homeless.
pic from...crisipictures

5 suicide car bombers blow themselves and others up in Baghdad, in 1 day, this past Friday---see how many others lost their lives on Bloody Friday
update--Yahoo reports 10 suicide car bombs on Bloody Friday.....

although Thursday may now be our bloodiest day of the week--27 children died in a suicide car bomb, one week after the London bombings....

How many more of these pictures do we have to see? How many more millions will be paid to Halliburton, how much more will Dick Cheney collect in his retirement monies from them, while poor Iraqis don't have enough money to buy coffins for their dead, and the coffins of our soldiers still are not shown? For how much longer will the media talk about Brad and Angie's fake fight fest movie while ignoring the reality of Iraq violence? Take Action..when all is said and done, and Iraq becomes what Vietnam now is.. ..a vacation spot... will you tell your children that you opposed this needless slaughter of human life?


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