Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Recent Fallout from Fallujah, and, after effects from the Guatemalan civil war are still prevalent, and deadly----War, what is it good for?....Nothing

War strews victims of all races, religions, class, and gender on it's imploded streets. Young teenage girls, already at risk of exploitation no matter where they live, become that much more vulnerable when a casualty of war. Their sexuality and bodies are looted and the bounty bragged about by soldiers and the people who would profit from, and exploit the misery of, war. Rape is used as both a weapon and a reward of war, even in this century.

Prostitution of a female child often becomes the last resort of a starving family. The media's sanitization of the Iraq war not only prevents an accurate telling of the grief and misery caused by napalming towns, aerial bombings, and warfare, it also keeps hidden the massive amount of refugees produced as a result of bombed out towns. Where will those people live, and how will they survive?
The Iraq war has spawned a new generation of young, female war victims. Salon uncovers a story about one aspect of the fallout from Fallujah.

Civil war tore Guatemala apart for over thirty years. The fallout from that war still impacts Guatemalan women even today. Amnesty reports on the issue "At least 1,188 women were murdered in Guatemala between 2001 and 2004, many sexually assaulted and raped, but only 9% of these cases have been investigated. "

Human rights defenders are also at risk in Guatemala...but you can help--Click Here


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