Sunday, July 03, 2005


South Jersey Department of Peace Group is getting ready to march in the Riverton, NJ 4th of July Parade tomorrow!

While we are most appreciative of the Riverton Parade committee for allowing us to walk and ride (in our Peacemobile!!) in their parade, they are somewhat nervous, about allowing us in the parade.

So, come on out to Riverton tomorrow morning, and cheer for PEACE as we walk to raise everyone's awareness of the need to make
PEACE an organizing principle of society, and of our government! Help to evolve our collective consciousness to a point where towns across America, who have NO fear of displaying support for the military, can proudly display their support for PEACE, without hesitation, also!

Isn't it Time, for a Department of Peace? Sign up for Peace, today, and Pass the request for PEACE, to others.


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