Saturday, July 23, 2005

Week Ahead planning......In NYC on July 30th? Help UFPJ end the war!

Saturday, July 30: Day of Massive Leaflet Distribution for UFPJ's Sept. 24-26 D.C. Antiwar Mobilization
End the War on Iraq; Bring Our Troops Home Now!
With our September Antiwar Mobilization in Washington D.C. only two months away, our New York outreach campaign is expanding. We've already rallied support from large numbers of organizations and already distributed tens of thousands of leaflets, but our work is just beginning.

With public opinion in our favor, we have the capacity to make this one of the most powerful anti-war mobilizations in history. If we are going to fill the streets of Washington, we need tens of thousands of people to come from the greater NYC area.

UFPJ needs your involvement to make this possible. We are organizing a day of massive leaflet distribution on Saturday, July 30th. It is critical that as many people as possible help get the word out in every borough and several major events that day.
Below is all the information you need to make our presence unavoidable in NYC on the 30th and even more so in D.C. during the September actions.
Please call us at 212-868-5545 or reply to this email address if you'd like to take part in this outreach. If you cannot participate in the July 30th day of outreach, don't worry, there are lots of other ways you can help; for example, you can volunteer in the office, help with ongoing leafleting in your neighborhood, or attend upcoming mobilizing meetings.
Please call the office to discuss how you can be more involved. Your hard work and dedication for peace and justice is always deeply appreciated.
Follow the links below to get started:(1)
Distribution centers where you can get leaflets (2) Suggested locations for leaflet distribution(3) Suggested events for leaflet distribution
together, we can end the war, and create peace


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