Sunday, July 31, 2005

Whew, Driftglass has a fascinating take on Bush the Back Door man....

From Driftglass, via the blondes, here's an excerpt...

First, this would put Bolton back in the headlines with a hard link to the Plame story over a hot summer when ordinary people are beginning to use the words “Rove” and “treason” in the same sentence a lot.

The forthright, straight-shootin’ Bush looks more and more like a gutless, dickless, little wimp hiding out from the latest consequences of his Highest Crime, and Bolton is another bolt of wild lightening in a tinder-dry political landscape that is already alive with wildfires.Second, a recess appointment tells the Whole Fucking World that George Bush is now officially Peking Lame Duck L'Orange.

That he can’t get his pet stooges rammed into any gummit job he wants any more. Had Bolton sailed through, he could have spent the next few year of his already-iniquitous career swaggering around the halls of the United Nations, punching smaller countries in the throat, or pinning them to the ground and socking them in the head their own fists, repeating “Why are you invading yourself? Why are you invading yourself?” until they pass out.

As it is, the other kids at the International High School will be laying for him.
Click on the Driftglass link above for the entire piece, you need to read the whole burning enchilada..


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