Sunday, July 17, 2005

Why he needs to be indicted for War Crimes. Why we need to continue to push for an investiagtion.

Rove, Plame, Wilson, Bush and WMD's--circa Feb 2004:
"Is this the kind of investigation that Bush promised about the outing of a CIA operative? The kind of investigation, like all other Bush administration whitewashes, that stalls and stalls and stalls in order to hide the truth, because of what it will reveal, we suspect, about the betrayals of the Bush administration. Ask Valerie Plame or Joe Wilson. For months, Bush didn't even care that two of his staffers outed a CIA operative specializing, get this, in finding out who is trafficking in Weapons of Mass Destruction. That's right Bush sanctioned and condoned his staff undermining the very individual who was trying to find out who was dealing in WMDs that might threaten our national security." The rest, HERE

It's on you, it's on US. Send the PINK SLIP to ROVE, let his cronies know that they are next...

And tell Bush to fire him, too.

Read more, HERE, and support John Conyers Investigation, Host a Downing Street House Party.


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