Friday, August 12, 2005

Against Abortion? Get A Vasectomy..Against Abortion? Don't have One.

The news reports that Jihad Junkie George has thrown down the Gauntlet to Iran, as the next stop on his Christian Crusade are chilling.
Feel sick? I do, although Mark Morford's article below might brighten your spirits a bit. It did mine.
I have "Against Abortion? Get a Vasectomy" on the back of my car. Normally, I truly just don't like bumper stickers, and I truly did not want to mess up my little grey Toyota with one, but I truly became sick of Jihad Junkie George and his followers spin on conception, contraception, and women.
SO I ordered one from NOW about a year ago, and stuck it on.

Looks like Mark Morford is ready for a bumper sticker, too.
"Don't believe in abortion? Don't understand gay people? Sexuality make you rashy? Think Harry Potter teaches kids evil and witchcraft? Don't marry a sexy gay witch abortionist. But don't you dare, based on your limited understanding of God and life, make laws declaring that I can't. "


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