Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's getting scary out there, & Real Men Don't talk to Cindy Sheehan, Day 5

pic from LeMonde & truthout
First, read all of the recent posts on Blondesense, they are all thought provoking, and especially check out this link Pentagon Devising Scenarios for Martial Law in US

Then go to Raw Story to learn: Through leaks and smears, Senate chairman protects White House to blame CIA, Democrats. S. Sister has more where that came from...

and it already is scary as hell in Baghdad, and getting worse.

and the thought of who might be signing up for the "Freedom Walk" is getting my stomach in knots.
Freedom Walk? On 911? The propaganda overflows.

And "Bush Bypasses Senate to Install Edelman" --that is the THIRD one he has sickeningly and arrogantly pushed through, in just a few weeks.

Does he want to start a war within our country? I am sure that he knows who will be attending the 911 Freedom Walk. What is the purpose of this? To conflagrate even more in American's minds the start of the Iraq War and 911?
Marshall law? Terror trials using gas in the NY subways? I keep flashing back to the astounding array of weapons and police that were present at the inaugural, and that were 99% unnecessary. What I saw that day was so unnerving. What I went through was, unnerving. ...

I keep thinking of the mindset of the individuals who glorify the guns, the stockpiles of killing weapons, who glorify and feed off of George Bush's powerplays, his arrogance. It isn't the neocons who will destroy our country. It is the weak sycophant with a gun in his hand and a bit of power bestowed on him. He will do his supreme bastard's bidding. Gloriously. History has proven that.
All of us need to be like the mother still camped outside of his ranch. The mother who he still has not spoken to. I will be in DC on the 11th. Seems like a good time to protest the bastard and his Freedom Walk. While I'm still free, which has nothing to do with 911.


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