Saturday, August 20, 2005

The legacy of "Johnny K": Fallen Philly soldier revealed the ugly truth about Iraq

below is a pic of a troop transport truck that IVAW member Patrick Resta had as part of his gallery of pics of vehicles used in Iraq. I heard him speak back in Jan 05, in Collingswood, NJ. Tried to link my posts about him, the negative Courier Post article that was written about his speech, and my letters to the CP, to this story, but blogger seems to have lost all of my February posts............ blogger greatly aside, it is both so saddening and so frustrating to read that STILL the soldiers in Iraq are putting their self purchased vests on the floor of pick up trucks like this one, to try and protect themselves if their truck hits an IED.
via Attytood , this recent story of local lives lost to an IED.
an excerpt.....

"Jim Kulick said his brother's emails showed a man who was becoming more and more worried. John Kulick said the insurgents were using increasingly sophisticated IEDs -- improvised explosive devices -- and were firing rocket-propelled grenades, or RPGs, into their camp.

"They had to hide under their cots -- there was nothing they could do," Kulick's brother said. "The Humvees weren't armored, or lightly armored -- they were basically useless.
At first they were sending them out in pickup trucks. They weren't really equipped to fight this war."

Kulick told his family that troops were taking police vests that had been donated to them and putting them on the floor of the Humvees instead of wearing them. Jim Kulick noted that at the same time his brother was reporting this, two of his friends who are area police officers serving in Iraq told him they had needed to bring their own sidearms. In his emails, John Kulick had begun to describe the war as "a quagmire."

As disturbing as those reports were, what Kulick had to say about the conduct of the war was even more troubling. He told his family that the Iraqi police "were corrupt and inept and there was no way they could ever train them to the degree where they could keep order." And when his unit went out after insurgents, far too many innocent iraqis were killed in the crossfire. And, Kulick reported home, "the more hate that created." When the Americans left an area, the insurgents came back the next day.

Eventually, when Kulick saw Iraqi citizens kneeling in the street in prayer, his interpreter would tell him they were praying for the Americans to leave. "They would rather live with evil they knew rather than live with us," Kulick said in his emails. "We were killing them as much as the insurgents were."

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Blogger Karl said...

What a sad shame that ANY of this is even happening. What a mess King George has gotten us into. If we leave, all hell breaks loose and even more innocents will be killed. If we stay, more innocents and US soldiers get killed.

8:04 AM  
Blogger The Heretik said...

Well done.

5:20 PM  
Blogger Medbh said...

we could leave, and establish a UN peacekeeping team. That is the only alternative, that I can see.

1:09 AM  

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