Thursday, August 11, 2005

Of Mothers and Widows

As Cindy Sheehan camps out at the Crawford ranch, asking questions of President Bush that are in so many parent's minds, a group of women, widows now, due to the 911 attack, are also asking questions. from CNN:
"A group of 9/11 widows called the September 11th Advocates issued a statement Wednesday saying they were "horrified" to learn that further possible evidence exists, and they are disappointed the 9/11 commission report is "incomplete and illusory."

the beginning of the article states:
"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Members of the commission that uncovered the government's failures to share intelligence among agencies before the September 11, 2001, attacks want to know whether U.S. defense intelligence officials knew for more than a year that four of the hijackers were part of an al Qaeda cell but failed to tell law enforcement."

The UK news has this to add


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