Thursday, August 04, 2005

UFPJ anti war mobilization news

yes, I know, we are all planning and thinking about our vacations--but, why not take some time and plan a mini, meaningful one the end of September? Over 20 marines died in the past few days. 14 of them because the 1960's built troop transporter that was originally made to transport troops from a ship to land.......was the vehicle they were riding in when a bomb blew it up. But, Halliburton had a 284% profit so far, most of it made on the back of their war activities. But the marines have to use amphibious assault vehicles 40 years old? Not armoured, and obviously not built for Iraq!!!

Need a Ride to DC for the ANTI War Mobilization? Check out A.N.S.W.E.R. and UFPJ --Impeach Bush is also organizing for September....

September 24-26: End the War on Iraq!
Three Days of Mass Action in Washington, D.C.
3. Contingents for the Sept. 24 March As we march through the streets of Washington on September 24 we want to show the breadth and depth of opposition to the war in Iraq. One way to do that is through organized contingents that bring together groups and individuals that want to march together under a specific identification: labor, counter-recruitment, veterans, women, religious and faith based, students, military families, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender, states or regions of the country, etc.

In the coming weeks we will be listing the various contingents that are being organized and information on how to contact the point people for those contingents. In the meantime, please write to us at contingents at to let us know if you want to form a contingent.
4. Sign Up for the Sept. 26 Grassroots Lobby Day One of the major activities of our three-day mobilization will be the Grassroots Lobby Day on Monday, September 26.
Congress has been complicit in this illegal and immoral war from day one, but some significant momentum has finally developed there in favor of withdrawal. We need to send a powerful message to Congress: They must take action to stop this war! On September 26, people from all around the country will meet with legislators and their staffs to urge them to stand up against the war.
It is not too early to start making your plans to be part of this effort. The UFPJ Legislative Working Group is putting together a training session that will be held on Sunday, September 25, as well as materials people will need to make their visits on Capitol Hill as successful as possible. For more information about the Grassroots Lobby Day, and to sign up to be part of it,
click here.

and if your in the NJ area, the Coalition for Peace is also organizing buses-check them out HERE


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