Sunday, August 07, 2005

What happened to the Iraqi oil that was going to fund the cost of the war and also be invested in Iraq??????

The living conditions in Iraq continue to spiral downward---from, Electronic Iraq:
BAGHDAD, 4 Aug 2005 (IRIN) -
Adel Abdel Sada is not proud of his home. Cobbled together from the wreckage of old buildings, cartons and bits of scrap, the ramshackle, jerry-built dwelling is all the 39-year-old unemployed security guard can afford.
"I've lived here for four years since I lost my job," he said. "I built two rooms, a bath, a kitchen and a fence. I know no-one would like to live in a house like this, but what can I do? I need a home for my family."Sada is not alone, and many of Iraq's low-income or unemployed families are struggling to find adequate housing countrywide.
The main reason for terrible living conditions for thousands of Iraqis is that many houses have been destroyed over years of conflict in the country.
The number, officials say, has been increasing daily and very little investment has gone into the sector.
Ahmed D'lemi, a senior official at the Ministry of Construction and Housing, said that according to its records, more than 450,000 families were homeless countrywide. Most were living in what he described as "very deteriorated or miserable conditions".
"This number may shock the international humanitarian organisations but it's the reality of Iraq now," D'lemi said. "Our government is working hard to reverse this statistic, but we need very large investment."


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