Friday, September 02, 2005

and along those lines, other countries HAVE offered to help, but the gov isn't saying yes, thank you-----WHY NOT?

Thu, September 1, 2005
Canada offers to help out
By MARIA MCCLINTOCK, SUN OTTAWA BUREAUOTTAWA -- Canada has offered to supply the U.S. with troops, military engineers and water purification expertise to assist in relief efforts in devastated areas hit by hurricane Katrina. Gen. Rick Hillier spoke to his U.S. counterpart Gen. Richard B. Myers late yesterday and made the offer, confirmed Steve Jurgutis, spokesman for Defence Minister Bill Graham. America's Health Human Services department also contacted the Canadian Public Health Agency yesterday and asked for an inventory of medical supplies and personnel that could be provided if needed.

But Canada has yet to receive a request for assistance, said Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan.more

For those of you who think that other countries never help us in time of need....As of Wednesday, August 31:
Japan and Indonesia have donated approximately 175 million dollars to hurricane relief efforts on the Gulf Coast.
The Japanese army is sending the 45th Engineering Battalion, including all its heavy equipment.
Indonesia is sending most of its inflatable boat resources from their Special Forces units.
China is sending the 198th Regiment of the People's Air Forces Transporation Brigades.
India, in cooperation with the Dell Computer customer service center in Bangalore is sending an entire communications center.
Several Latin American countries are mobilizing brigades of relief workers.
Mexico is sending police officers to work under the command of the Louisiana National Guard.
Zimbabwe is sending a shipment of goat's milk and rice.---------------------------------------


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