Monday, September 26, 2005

Do you remember the DR. who lost everything in the NO flood, & told the VP to go fuck himself a few times, & then was arrested????..

well, the Smirking Chimp found the tell the truth Doc, interviewed him, and HERE is the result.
an excerpt:
"Well it's pretty scary to think of what he could do in the next few years. I think it's pretty obvious to everyone now that we're headed on a downward spiral as a nation--our worldwide credibility, he has utterly destroyed it.

He's basically given Osama Bin Laden everything he wanted.

He's gotten our troops out of Saudi Arabia, which is what Osama wanted.

He's basically bankrupted our nation, which is what Osama wanted.

He's given Osama more jihadi recruits than he could have ever dreamed of.

How many times does he have to keep giving the enemy the exact thing that they want? What they want is a holy war and he's giving them the holy war that they want.
(----medbh asks--why? Surely Karl & CO, if not the chimp, are smart enough to know this--so why play right into OBL's hands? what is the reason for the US to do so???)

I've told people for years that I think World War Three started on September 11, 2001. And it has just taken a while for the people of the United States to realize that. I think the rest of the world realizes it, but we don't. The majority of Americans still don't realize it. They don't want to admit it."
more protest coverage HERE, and HERE, and HERE


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