Monday, September 26, 2005

"I haven't done this since Vietnam."

blogger is being a bugger today, but at least the old hello program has decided to work, finally. Just in case you didn't read about it in the "liberal" media......or just in case you did read about it and the report said that tens of thousands of people attended the DC ProPeace rally, in actuality, it was more like hundreds of thousands of people who attended.

HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS. From infants with who had pro peace slogans on their tiny cute t-shirts, to people past the 80 year mark, who pushed themselves along hanging ONTO THEIR WALKERS, and others who were pushed by their families and friends in their wheelchairs, AMERICAN CITIZENS turned out enmasse. American citizens of all ages, colors, physical ability, sexual orientation, and religious belief.

And they waited patiently in line for hours, just for the opportunity to walk several blocks to their White House and tell President Bush, et al, that they want PEACE.

THAT HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THEM. I heard one refrain over and over. It came from people who were dressed in weekend casual chic college professor type attire. "I haven't done this since Vietnam." I rode down on a Peace Action bus with a man who said he hadn't been to DC since the early 60's, when he was stationed there, as part of a Naval Intelligence Unit. There were lots of silver heads in the sea of people in DC. Lots. And they were down there, sadly, to tell yet another Republican administration, that they do not want their country involved in a slaughter. Again.

Nearly every person carried a sign expressing their opposition to the current administration's policies. Some of the ones that made me smile: on the backs of two cute dogs-
"Huskies For PEACE!"
carried by a distinguished older man "Balding Jews For Peace"
on tshirts worn by a large group of young women who marched in front of me "Democrats, the best ASS on campus
a sign carried by a group of young men dressed in jeans and t-shirt--"Punks for Peace"
on a sign carried by a group of 20 somethings--"Yo George--Real Men Know When to Pull Out"
carried by a young women who marched next to me, "If Katrina was named Schiavo, then Bush would have sent the entire Republican Party to save her"
and there were lots and lots of the "Worst President Ever" and $$ for Jobs, not Wars, War Criminal, Master of Disaster, and similar posters. What did mine say? "Establish a Department of PEACE." well, I just wanted to get this pic up, just in case you didn't hear anything about the massive our liberal news media.......... Answer has a similar one, and this one came from bartcop. I'll post more once blogger decides to work again....


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