Saturday, September 03, 2005

Jesus's General the boy king lets his people DROWN

from the general....

Along with the water and garbage bag, I shall strap to my back my 82 year old wheelchair bound mother. She can put the water on her lap. I shall then put my 2 children in one arm, (my husband is in Iraq) wrap my dog in rope and put that rope between my teeth.

I shall leave my other arm free so that I can push aside the debris and the dead bodies floating by me as I resolutely walk through calf, thigh and chest high water that is filled with known and unknown items. (that I am pushing away with my free limb) for X miles to get to X.

I do all this with 4 herniated discs that I received as a result of my carelessness at work. I was standing on a platform doing my job (S&R) and the platform collapsed I guess I should have telecomunicated. My car by the way was at the mechanics for yearly inspection.

I went to get it out on Saturday but the mechanic had fled. Yep, in my car. I called my uncle (he has a private corporate jet) but he could not come and get us, no permission to land.

Tried to rent a car, none left. I did see a big SUV leaving and when I asked for a ride to where ever, the driver said no, the back seat was filled with his clothes and knickknacks from his house. I offered him the 300.00 I had He grabbed it from my hand (the one the free limb is attached to) and he shut the door and took off.

Now, when I reached the French Quarter I went to the Hilton. No rooms. I did have a credit card left but the manager was busy getting the guests out. I then made my way to the convention center.There was a criminal element there (just like anywhere).

They had privatized all the water and food supply. Some were running around with guns and raping woman and children and stealing from people just seeking shelter. Others, were shooting at anything, moving or still. I believe they were the addicts coming down from a high and no where to get a fix. I am at my wits end.

It has begun to rain. I admit it is all my fault. I am an utter failure. I deserve what I get.

My great-great- great- great parents should never have settled here. Although I do know we had working levees in 1729.


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